Monday, 22 October 2012

Baby on the way ...

....after 7 years of trying to conceive. A failed go at IVF last year (Jan 2011) & losing hope it would ever happen. My naturally conceived surprise miracle baby is due this Thursday 25th October.

I cannot begin to tell you the shock and joy we have felt so far. Not just my husband and i but family and friends also. There are so many people excited to meet our little miracle its overwhelming.

Having ME i was very concerned about the pregnancy. I had no idea I was even pregnant until i was 6 weeks. There were signs but we didn't believe them as in the past it was constant heart ache looking at a negative test. To see those 2 little lines was amazing!

Up to about 16 weeks it was a struggle with nausea, constant indigestion and awful head aches, but once i got past that bit i felt like i was on top of the world. I've not felt "well" mentally or physically in so many years its been like living someone else's life.

With only a few days to go i am constantly being asked if Im fed up yet because most women at this point just want baby out!! I can honestly say i am not fed up at all. Yes Im eager to be rid of the killer indigestion and meet my little boy (yes its a boy!) but i really aren't fed up. I can't help but appreciate every bit including the aches and pains. I never thought id get the chance to look down and see a bump or feel my baby move and never did i think i would feel so "well". I have no idea how Im going to feel after and i don't want to take it for granted that we've actually got pregnant so if this is it for me then Im savoring every moment.

Im looking forward to holding baby in my arms because then it will be real.

Until then i wait for your arrival my little miracle.

Helen x

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