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Being encouraged to enjoy myself & share this with others

Wow it has been a long time!

I won't go into what's being going on as it will make a very long read lol!

This post is actually for a specific reason. Its about encouraging CFS/ME sufferers.....mainly myself!... to get out, socialise, have a little fun & not be scared to share this with others.

I know all too well this is not an easy task. Believe me I know. If I've not got headache, I'm stuck in bed. If I'm not stuck in bed I'm wrapped up on the sofa feeling like I have been run over by a bus. However I have found if I apply a little time for myself doing something I enjoy or find fun I often find my symptoms are less & my recovery time from said activity is a lot quicker.

I have not found this out by chance. A friend of mine introduced me to Reverse Therapy. I'm not going to go into details about it I'll leave that up to you but I will say this "Reverse Therapy is NOT about mind over matter." (as many people including some professionals believe the key to CFS/ME recovery is.)
I will also say it has NOT cured me....(yet!!) ..... but I have found it very beneficial.

If you have read my other posts you will know about my visits from the benefits office....twice in one year!!
That situation is really the key to this post.
I believe it was a "friend" who rang on both counts. I also believe this "friend" was just so ill informed of CFS/ME they didn't understand that wearing jeans, driving a car, walking the dog & going to Salsa, the first time round & crafting the second time round we're actually not benefit fraud!!!
On both visits the benefits people we're very friendly & said they encourage hobbies & some activities as these are a crucial part of the healing process with CFS/ME.

Even though nothing came of the visits as I was doing nothing wrong I have felt imprisoned, scared to leave the house, feeling like I am being watched & unable to do anything I might enjoy. I've been scared to share times of enjoyment with friends & family for fear of a "friend" mis-understanding this & making another phone call.

I have learnt from Reverse Therapy that addressing things like my fears above help alleviate symptoms. So I'm hoping this post & later a post on Facebook will help put aside some of my fear & educate my friends & family so there won't be a repeat situation! I want to be able to share with my friends & family the things I am doing not have to watch every word I say or type.

A friend of mine made a phone call to ME North East & ESA Benefits recently, who both encourage activities, social events, fun & enjoyment to aid CFS/ME recovery. It is because of this encouragement I am doing this post & intend on doing some things this year I have not tried before, things I enjoy & find fun, also I intend to share these happy times with my friends & family.
I truly believe if I don't try to start living a little how I want & without fear I have no hope of ever having any type of recovery.

Here's to having the courage from the encouragement of others to live a life of joy, fulfilment & without fear.

Helen Laurence


Elise said…
Hello Helen! I'm so sorry to hear all that you've been going through, but from what I read .. you're going to be just FINE! :) With your positive attitude and I can hear the smile in your words .. your desire to live life to the fullest will be done!!! You go girl! :) hehe!

Sending you big hugs,

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