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its been a while!!

Hi there! Yep I am still here & yes it has been a while!! Too long in fact.

Thank you to all the lovely people who have read my blog & emailed me. I apologise that I do not keep in touch very well, but it is always great to hear from you all & I try to reply & keep in touch as best as I can.

I am struggling at the moment with my energy levels & my throat is coming up & down depending how tired I am. Over the past 3 weeks I have spent a great deal of time stuck in  bed or on the sofa.

Everything seemed to come to a head after my last appointment at Leeds. We went for a follow up appointment after our first go at IVF which failed :-(
I needed to release the emotions by cleaning etc & did far too much, followed by more too much etc & now I am paying the price for the energy & the emotional energy the IVF took plus the energy & I have stupidly spent trying to ignore I have ME.....yes I I'm afraid I have fallen back into the 'I don't have ME, if I just do this I'll be fine!!' day stuck in bed feeling as awful as possible!!

Sleep has been a problem too but is getting better again. Trying not to go back onto the tablets but now & then I have a couple just so I get at least one nights sleep!!

Ok well I've rambled enough for tonight so I'll go see how my ebay is doing & then try going to bed.
Night night x


kayc said…
Sorry to hear you are not too good just now. I hope you will improve soon. Trying to get the balance right is very difficult. Take care. Kathleen x

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