Sunday, 13 March 2011

I'm back again!!!!

Hi, no you're not imagining it I am here again!

Had a rubbish weekend health wise. Spent all of Saturday with a migraine & most of this afternoon too. On  the plus side my throat seems to be better so hopefully this dip I have been having is finally coming to an end??!!

I'm feeling a bit down tonight. Had one of those hubby doesn't understand moments earlier & I got a bit upset.
Ok...ok so I have a bit of a belly at the moment, but as I said to him I would love to do some exercise & keep fit but I can't. If I did some exercise I would then need to allow time to recover & rest from doing it as I learnt in the group last year. If I do that then I won't be able to do something else .g make tea.
I want to be able to do everything but as I have just proved to myself over the last few weeks. Trying to do everything lands me in bed & really ill for 3 weeks & counting!!!

I really need to get back to what we did in the group last year scoring myself, resting, relaxation time, structured days & pacing. I know it works but it is sooo hard to keep at it.

On the scoring system 0 being REALLY bad & 10 being really good I have been a 3 this morning & a 1-2 this afternoon which equals not a great day & fluctuating between 3 numbers in one day.


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Linda w said...

Sorry you've over done it. Don't beat yourself up about it though. We all do it. It always seems to me to be part of the imbalance we all have. Sometimes we need to prove to ourselves that we are really ill, we feel a little better and think 'maybe I don't really have m.e., maybe I just need to push myself/get fit/whatever'. Just tell yourself tomorrow is another day, don't think about doing the whole pacing etc...just think about doing a little towards it, then think about doing a little more. It's like being given a huge meal when you've just's overwhelming and makes you feel sick. Sorry to have written you a book - it's just been there, done that syndrome lol. Take care and love yourself, Hugs lin