Friday, 13 August 2010

Helloooooooooooo!!!! I am still here!!!!!

Hello! Yes I am still here. I know I am a very bad blogger sometimes especially when it comes to this blog. I keep telling myself I will blog or even keep a diary but I never seem to keep to it for more than a week (if that lol!)

First what do you think to my fabby background??? I made it myself!! Its my cutie pie Roger to make us all smile!

Ok lets get down to business! - Update.... well its been a weird few weeks. I have been busy with my crafts & bits, well when I say busy I mean I have a lot of things to do but they are actually spread out over days or weeks. I am either sleeping or resting in between. . . Hang on, that makes it sound like I'm being a good girl & resting at the right time!! Nope not me I do too much & then rest instead of resting & then doing a little bit....whoops!!

Hubby is now self employed so only round the corner working. Its been great because he's been helping me out a lot more (he's cooking my tea as I type!!) I've started going to another group for CFS/ME. Some of you may remember I went to a group in Leeds when I was first diagnosed in 2007.

My main blogging from now (if I stick to it lol!) is going to be about my group, how its helping me & also progress with the group & the forever living Aloe Vera I am taking every morning.

I will need to catch you up first though because I started the aloe a month ago & I've just been to session 3 of the group this morning.

I will start with the aloe. Back in June, 26th to be precise it was my mum & dad's ruby anniversary/60th birthday party & I went round selling my raffle tickets. Whilst doing the rounds I stopped to talk to a few people & got talking to a family friend called Chris. We'd not seen her in years. She use to come & do Studio Dee parties!! ...anyways Chris asked me what the raffle tickets were for & told her it was because I have ME blah blah blah....she said she thought she might be able to help me with & arranged to come see me on 1st July.

We had a lovely long chat & catch up & she told me all about forever living & their products & how Kevin (the boss man) was bedridden with ME for 7 years & swears by the aloe vera juice. Chris asked me if I'd give it a go & if I didn't feel any better in 3 months they would give me my money back. You know me I'll give anything a go!!! Some of you may remember the really strict diet I did last year, which worked to a point but caused more problems than it solved so I had to give it up.

Well, I've been taking the aloe now for just over a month & I can honestly say it has calmed my belly down making it easier for me to eat things (without having to do a diet) & - shut your eyes, ears, brain if you don't like too much information!!!! has cleared up my constant thrush & making sex more enjoyable!!!! Lets just say the baby making is most definitely back on!!!

Chris keeps in contact with me & has given me a few more bits to try. The aloe jelly (which can be used for thrush to soothe the sore/itching) is fantastic for nettle rash. I got really bad nettle stings all over my right knee & up my leg after accidentally leaning on one whilst sorting my rabbits out. The aloe jelly was instantly soothing & stopped the stinging. I did have to re apply a couple of times but the following day there was nothing to see.

I am going to keep on with the aloe every day because even though it tastes a bit rank it is worth it. We think it will take at least a year before I notice any improvement in my ME symptoms. So I'll keep you posted with that.

I think I will stop here as its getting a bit lengthy this post & I should be good & have a rest from the 'puter.
Back soon to catch you up on the group.

Siging off - Helen x