Monday, 12 July 2010

Cold & tired ....yawn...brrrr!

Well I don't know about you but I am bloody cold today. My body cannot cope with all this change in temperature!! ......anyways apologies for lack of blogging-ness. I have been a busy bee & when I'm not busy I'm too tired to do anything but curl up & snooze!
I've been suffering with really bad heads again all last week & really bad pains in my feet & ankles. Could hardly walk over the weekend.

I feel totally shattered today & would much rather be snuggled up in bed, but we are off to view a house today & its too noisey next door for me to rest in bed!

Anyone know much about forever living products? I am trying their aloe vera juice. I have it first thing every morning. Been taking it just over a week now. Not much difference yet but I am still hopefull it will at least help some of my symtoms, if only my belly (which it seems to be)

Just filled in the 'any changes' inc benefit form & posted it. I hope I don't have to mess around with that. I really dont have the strength. I know some people must think I am doing really well or I am better as I seem to the outside world very busy & ok, but you should see behind the scenes!! I have to try & do stuff in between all my crappy times & it is great that I have something to focus on but don't be disalusioned. Focus does not make you better it just helps you to pull through the shit times!

I know it is all very difficult for none ME.CFS or FM sufferers to understand, but if you at least believe what we are saying that is one step closer to understanding.
Right I'm off now because my eyes are shutting & my heads starting to hurt again. At least I can kinda walk today & not look like John Wayne!!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Saturday 3rd July 2010 Ellephantastic open day & Raffle Draw!!!

Here are some pictures from Saturday.
Picture 1 is of all my handmade items for sale or order.
Picture 2 is some of my craft products for sale which I now stock in my shop.
Picture 3 is of the raffle prizes all out for people to see & ready for the draw.
Picture 4 is my tombola (which the kids loved) Money from the tombola I donated to AFME.
Picture 5 is my sister & her bump (Eva) my niece's drawing & Kirsty who helped me sell tickets & baked some yummy Whoopie buns for the day.
Picture 6 is me getting ready to do the draw!
Pictures 7,8 &9 are the first prize ticket being drawn!

1st White England Shirt - G Wroe
2nd Red England shirt - Hazel (Didos) Christison
3rd Justin Lee Collins signed book - R U Brown
4th Gadget Show signed t-shirt - Yvonne Baker
5th 2nd Gadget show signed t-shirt - Sue Brown
6th Gadget Show signed postacrds - Ann Currie
7th Bracelet & Watch set - Yvonne Baker
8th £15 knitted toy voucher - Kate Thomas
9th £5 voucher for my shop - Ali Dowling
10th Time for Tea set - Rachel Taylor
11th Avon set with deodrant - Chris Daker
12th Next smellies set - Sandra Simpson
13th Avon set & scrunchie - Kristina Jackson
14th Jewellery donated by Angie - Sally Trousdale
15th Shoe jewellery holder - Clare Rowsby
16th Free file & polish with Joanne - Nadine Stotten

Raffle 3rd July 2010 @ 2:50pm
witnessed by
Myself - Helen Laurence
Julia King
Kirtsy Brunton
Dawn Doherty
Yvonne Baker

it was a lovely day & so far I have raised £243.00. I still have a couple of wrist bands & trolley keyrings to sell which will take me to my target amount of £250.00.
Thank you to everyone who has helped &/or supported in anyway no matter how small, it is all much appreciated.
I have announced the winners, informed the winners & most prizes are now either with the winner or on their way!!  I hope you all enjoy x

Thank you x

I would like to thank all the peopl who bought raffle tickets or supported me in anyway with the raffle & my open day. I am shattered but it was lovely. I will be posting all the details & some photos soon.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Ellephantastic Draw in aid of Action for M.E.

 ***This post will remain at the top till 3rd July***

Ellephantastic Draw in aid of Action for M.E.

Draw date: 3rd July 2010
Deadline to return/buy tickets: 3rd July 2010 2pm 
(Any tickets which do NOT make the draw will be treated as a donation to Action for M.E.) 

1st Prize: Red England T-shirt signed by Ian Wright
2nd Prize: White England T-shirt signed by Ian Wright
3rd Prize: Justin Lee Collins book "Good Times" signed by Justin Lee Collins

Plus other prizes including T-shirts (2) signed by The Gadget Show presenters & a set of signed pictures from The Gadget Show presenters
(All prizes have been donated by Channel Five)

Tickets cost just £1.00 each  

How to buy tickets:
Cash - Directly from me or friends/family selling tickets
You will be given your tickets straight away 
Cheque -  Made payable to 
Mrs H M Laurence & post to 24 Stuart Road, Acomb, York, YO24 3AU
Please state how you would like to receive your tickets - e.g post or email 
(please provide appropriate information with your cheque)
Tickets will be forwarded to you by post/email once cheque has cleared

Paypal - To send by paypal please do the following (so no fees are taken!!)
 Sign into your paypal account, 
click the send money tab at the top, 
type my email address,
enter the amount to be paid e.g £1.00 for 1 ticket or £5.00 for 5 tickets etc
click on the personal tab,
either leave as gift or click other, 
click continue,
Please put your name, address, email address & telephone number in message box
click send money
 Your ticket/s will be sent to you by email for you to save &/or print


(Tickets are books of 5) 

If you would like to sell tickets for me or you have any questions etc please contact me

All tickets to be returned to Mrs H M Laurence by 3rd July 2010
Cheques & address details as above
No tickets to be sold to persons under 16 years of age

Action for M.E. 
PO Box 2778, Bristol, BS1 9DJ
0845 123 2380
Registered Charity number 1036419
Scottish reg number SCO40452
Company no. 2906840 Limited by guarantee

Promoter: Nicola Fickling c/o Action for M.E. PO Box 2778, Bristol, BS1 9DJ
Registered under the Gambling Act 2005 with Bristol City Council
Permit no. 08/06524/GALOT