Monday, 10 May 2010

Lets Blog,......dooby , dooby ,,,,lets blog!!

Actually it should be lets get warm. I am totally frozen this morning, feel rubbish & on my period (which was a week late again)

Today I am going to give you 10 symptoms I have other than "feeling tired" which is the only one anyone ever knows!
  1. Severe pains in my neck which can cause me to pass out, just from holding my arms up at shoulder height.
  2. Bruises & not always small ones ALL over my legs. I look like I've been beaten up!
  3. Pains - in my elbows, knees, ankles, down my legs, fingers, wrists, back - all very randomly or if I stay in same position too long or walk too far etc... & we're not talking discomfort I'm talking PAINS!
  4. Loss of voice &/or sore throat
  5. Brain - foggy head, lack of concentration. Total memory erased moments. Can't even form a sentence or think what my name is....& I'm not is VERY scary.
  6. Not being able to move when I want to eg - when you think move your leg you dont actually have to think "move my leg" your brain automatically sends the signal. I have to actually think - move legs now please, please move now, oh come on this is just getting stupid, MOVE! - again can be quite scary, it feels like my muscles are just wasting away.
  7. Really bad muscle twitches - my legs fly off in all sorts of directions when they feel like it!!
  8. Depression -feeling  pissed off at being ill, the pains, the disturbed sleep, the nightmares, feeling of being alone, no one really understanding, feeling like it would be easier on everyone if you weren't here anymore, generally feeling so fed up I could quite happily jump under a bus - if  I could manage to walk to somewhere with a bus & manage to jump that is!! 
  9. Feeling cold even when everyone else is in a T-shirt - I have a vest, long sleeved top & a cardy or jumper over the top & will feel just right.
  10. FEAR - you may wonder how fear can be a symptom? Well due to all the other symptoms Fear of many things is a huge symptom for me & now more than ever. Fear of depending on happy pills & pain pills etc, Fear of going out - making plans & then not being able to do them. Fear of being ill like Jan 09 with the pharyngitis - ending up bed ridden for months, in a wheel chair or hospitalised. You may think that sounds stupid but it could very easily happen & does to many people.
 There are so many other random & small symptoms , the list is pretty much endless, but all the small things added together along with the main CFS/ME symptoms are what make CFS/ME so debilitating. You have no quality of life & when you do have a few good minutes, hours or days you treasure them.

Please take a minute to imagine how your day would go if you had all these symptoms. Even the silly little things like brushing my teeth can make me pass out when my neck is bad or be so tiring to do I need to go back to bed. That's if I've managed to put toothpaste on the brush & not soap!!

CFS/ME awareness week - Please be aware!!


Joanne said...

Hi Helen
Your symptoms sound so like mine a few years back. I can't remember if you ever checked out with a Lyme specialist and I don't mean infectious diseases they are in denial.

The Breakspear hospital Hemel Hempstead do see lots of patients with ME and many turn out to be Lyme although it can be expensive initially if you have a good doctor they will often follow the advice and prescribe on the NHS.

Sorry I expect I've said this all before, so many of us lymies were diagnosed with ME/CFS first, you probably have already seen the link into my Lyme Blog.

Hugs Joanne

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

I'm sitting here thinking - this is scary, and it wasn't me that wrote it. It mirrors a lot of my days as well.
Gentle Hugs
Helen xx